Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Thermal gas flow meters based on thermal dispersion theory directly measuring compressed air, nitrogen, natural gases mass flow.

TGF600 Thermal Mass Flow Meter

It implements our latest sensor filming technology and high sensitivity sensors to ensure a stable measurement at very low flow rate down to 0.3Nm/s. The standard insertion model can fit in pipe line from DN80~DN500, extended model can fit in smaller pipe down to DN25 and larger pipe up to DN 6000. The latest TPA600 circuit board and a dual-line LCD display provide user with most powerful and friendly operating interface. The TPA600 technology also ensures the product to give stable and accurate measurement and reliable output.


TGF600 Series Thermal Mass Flowmeter measures the gas mass flow base on thermal diffusion theory. It combines HC advanced technology on transmitter, sensor, filming and calibration, can provide stable and accurate measurement even under harsh industrial applications and require very less maintaining.


Compressed air measurement

Pipe line leakage detecting

Gas drainage in coal mines

Measurement of other process gas: N2, CO2, O2, Ar, N2O

Emission monitoring

Measurement of biogas, aeration etc



Insertion type

In-line type

Media Compatibility

Air, Nitrogen,O2,CO2,Argon,CH4, Natural gas, biogas, and almost all dry and clean air

Pipe diameter



Flow velocity range

0.3~30Nm/s or 0.6~60Nm/s or 0.9~90Nm/s or 1.2~120Nm/s


0.5% RD+ ±1.5% FS

Temperature of medium


Pressure of medium



Power supply

AC85~265V or DC13.5~42V

Response time

1 second


Frequency + pulse + 4~20Ma as standard


RS~485 as standard , [email protected] as optional

Date displayed

Mass flow, Volume flow in normal condition
Total flow , Temperature of medium. Velocity

Ingress protection grade

IP65 (GB China)